Besides shameless self promotion I also like to code. I specialize in advanced WordPress theme design and development.

I made this “One Page Scroll” web page to highlight my website design and development skills incorporating WordPress, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS…

“WordPress” — the Internet’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) — is integrated into the web page populating the page with “pages”, “posts”, and “plugins”.

The “Bootstrap” mobile-first framework includes components for designing and developing responsive websites — allowing the page to be accessed on a wide range of devices.

The “Blog” section uses AJAX to retrieve posts without reloading the page! Also if you click a post title it activates a Bootstrap Modal component to display the post. (All in an effort to keep you from having to reload the page.)

I also redesigned my logo! Notice how the logo in the navigation bar changes. Also when you hover over the logo image in the “Contact” section it spins. (That’s just some of the neat stuff I do.)

Do you think it’s easy to rank on the first page for “Dharmageddon”? I also have experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can help you apply my insights for ranking on Google and Bing. If you are an aspiring artist I can help you develop an online presence.

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If you need website design and development services or assistance developing an online presence send me a message!


Save A Sinner

When I talk out words of faith with doubt
When I knew to begin in the end I’d be tried and condemned
Forgiver deliver me from sin

Wed And Buried

Never fulfilled always hungry, never satisfied always denied
Always searching never finding, for one true love strong and binding

The Conversation Is Dying

Words spoken in haste they can’t be erased
But do they belong on the tip of my tongue?
Comparing of taste our loves and our hates
And now I’ve gone and said something wrong

Simply Put

Excuse me I didn’t mean to push
But I’m tired of beating around the bush
Excuse me I didn’t mean to rush
But I’m tired of beating around the brush


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