Upper Deck POS

Helping you manage your Point of Sale...

Some notable features include:

  • Functionality to scan items.
  • Functionality to segregate cash and credit transactions.
  • A "Tab Sheet" to open and close customer tabs.
  • Inventory is incremented and decremented accordingly.
  • End of day transaction reports.

Setting up the POS is straightforward:

  • "Category Entry" - Lets you segregate items.
  • "Item Entry" - Lets you associate an item with a catergory, price, quantity, and barcode.

Transaction reports include:

  • The "Detail" report - For itemizing transactions.
  • The "Summary" report - For cash and credit totals.
  • The "Tab Report" - For open tabs.
  • The "Spreadsheet" report - For exporting transactions into an Excel spreadsheet.

Transactions can be submitted with:

  • The "Cash" button - For customers paying with cash.
  • The "Credit" button - For customers paying with credit.
  • The "Void" button - To void a cash transaction.
  • The "Refund" button - To refund a credit transaction on a customer's tab.

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