I Believe

I was confused and lost searching in chaos
Blind guides lied, I was deceived
It’s hard comprehending let alone understanding
I don’t have a clue all I can do is believe
I believe
I’m groping blindly hoping to find and see
The truth behind the mystery
The proof of love in secrecy
Revealed to me openly

I was led astray, I stumbled upon the way
Bright light divine, shined, I gazed at the rays
My eyes strained and stared, peered and leered
For the truth and the proof beyond the glare
I could only glance at your radiance
But a glance overwhelmed me
Entranced it compelled me
The spirit, it moved me
I had faith and it proved to be more than eyes could perceive
I believe, I believe

You opened my eyes and exposed all the lies
I believe, I believe
You made me aware and made everything clear
I believe, I believe

True love will find me shining divinely
True love will blind me shining divinely

I believe

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