I call you on the phone a conversation in monotone
I should be thankful I even got you home
Lately it seems you’ve been busy with other plans
I ponder and wonder is it another man
I heard it before I’m sick of your lies
Your vivid imagination and invisible alibis
I used to be a fool but now I’m wise
You’re not pulling the wool over my eyes

You’re going to hurt someone

I’m not going to put up with your abuses
I’m not going to take any more excuses
I heard your testimony now I want proof
Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth
Lies may be gentle the truth detrimental
I won’t hold it against you I won’t be resentful
If you’re going to drop me please don’t tease me
Don’t let me crash and burn let me down easy

You’re going to hurt someone

Make up your mind and choose someone
Someone’s has to lose and move on

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